MAGENTA HARVEST started as a two-man project with Timo K. and Janne in 2005. The idea behind this project was to create that kind of metal they used to play with “…and Oceans” in the 95’ era.

Of course, that was only the starting point.

A few years went by quite fast, as a duo. Even though different ideas and tunes were tested and material was created along the way, the actual sound of the band took first shape after all members were recruited.

In 2009 second guitarist Timo H. and bassist Jonas joined the band and four tracks were the result of this new constellation. Soon after Mathias joined the band in 2010, MAGENTA HARVEST recorded their first demo ‘A Familiar Room’, with help of Jan Jämsen (Finntroll). A year later they created new sounds and wrote their second demo ‘Apparition of Ending’. This time they got help from Aleksi Virta (Finntroll), who did all the keyboard/noise stuff and Jan Jämsen (Finntroll), who helped again with the lyrics.

The debut album “Volatile Waters”  was finally released in March 2014 and MAGENTA HARVEST was ready to hit the road. After the band toured Finland, they played their first European tour in October 2014.

Two years later, MAGENTA HARVEST decided it was time to go back to the studio to record their second album, which will be released in 2017.


Mathias Lillmåns – Vocals

Timo Hanhikangas – Guitar

Jonas Frilund – Bass

Janne Manninen – Drums

Timo Kontio – Guitar